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5 minutes of Sky Tripping every day boosts your natural ability to focus, de-stress,
and feel happy. 

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Feel Richer, Healthier, and Younger

Nature provides numerous advantages for our health. A recent study found that simply having more trees on your street can make you feel $10,000/year richer, or 7 years younger. The same study also found that those with increased exposure to trees reported fewer major health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

SEE THE STUDY: Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 11610 (2015)

Sharpen Your Mental Performance

Exposure to photographs and films of nature—even in short doses—sharpens our recall. It can also give us the vigor to keep going when we might otherwise quit.

SEE THE STUDIES: 1) Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature 2) Is Viewing a Nature Video After Work Restorative?

Green views improve Body, Mind, and Emotions

In addition to the sharpening effect, images of nature have been shown to improve people's emotions. When researchers showed photographs of a forested area and urban environments to participants, they found the forest slides to be an effective mood-booster. Conversely, nature deprivation has been linked to large-scale public health problems such as obesity, depression, and nearsightedness. The restorative effects of nature can help improve our mental and physical health.

SEE THE STUDY: The need for psychological restoration as a determinant of environmental preferences. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 26(3), 215-226

How does Sky Tripping improve our health?

An overwhelming body of evidence shows that nature exposure lowers our stress levels. This in turn leads to all the health benefits above (and more)! Indeed, when scientists measure our response to nature—everything from stress hormones to heart rate to brain waves to protein markers—the findings are the same: nature is a powerful ally in our pursuit of wellness.

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